Faster. Safer. Smarter.

Your phone, your cash

No more stressing or questioning how digital payment solutions work. With Cashwo, it's easy to stay connected with your favorite people and make essential payments while supporting small businesses effortlessly.


A virtual wallet you can rely on

The tech world changes your daily habits giving you access to many services that ease your interactions. You need simple and user-friendly tools that save time and keep you secure.

With Cashwo, your mobile phone becomes a virtual wallet app that you can rely on. Pay, receive and transfer money for your essential needs with a contactless and easy payment solution.


Touch Free Payments

Stay Connected

Upload funds, send and receive money from your favourite people or help your family out with app payment solutions

Travel Safely

With a Cashwo network of coffee shops, bars and restaurants around Australia, you only need your mobile to travel.

Live Comfortably

Pay for your daily bills like rent, utilities, phone, insurance and many more with our BPAY integration

Shop Easy

Make your e-commerce check out or in-store payments fast and easy with integrated payment details.

Party Hard

Feel relaxed going out and about without carrying your physical wallet or credit card.

Support Locals

Hire and support your local trade services and buy from Australian small businesses paying with just one-touch.

The Cashwo and it's merchant users reward loyal customers with funds and free fees for payments through the app - Earn offers from participating merchants.
*Check FAQs. Terms and conditions apply.

A high level of verification and contactless transactions gives you an extra layer of protection - Robust security measures to protect your transactions and data.

Download for free, send and receive cash to your friends and family with no subscription fees - Enjoy the benefits of free downloads, low fees, and ongoing rewards.

Store your funds, make transactions and view payment history in one place - Never wait for your money, and no reconciliations are required.


How it works

User-friendly and reliable payments on the go

  • Register

    Register with e-mail and Australian mobile number

  • Create Profile

    Create a profile with an individual Pay ID

  • Upload Funds

    Link your bank account, Upload funds and use your virtual wallet.

  • Manage Money

    View your transactions history and follow up on your spending


Your money stays safe.

Cashwo protects your money with the best-in-class
security systems that help minimize frauds.


It's free