Frequently Asked Questions

Cashwo is a secure and reliable cash App and digital wallet. It is featured with the ability to send and receive money for personal and business needs. Whether you pay at the local shops or receive money from friends, the app allows you to see transactions instantly.

If you are a corporate, a secure system lets you accept payments via BPAY, categories and track expenses. If you are a business merchant, a secure system lets you accept touch free payments via QR code or Cashwo Unique Merchant ID.

Anyone who is a resident in Australia, carries a valid Australian mobile number and e-mail ID can use Cashwo.

You can download Cashwo from the Google Play store or Apple App store.

Cashwo supports Android OS version 8 & above and iOS version 12 & above.

Cashwo is free to download and use.

We value the safety of your money and private information.

In order to protect you from financial or personal fraud:

  • The App has encryption for in-built security
  • Your unique passcode is highly protected and cannot be shared with others

After you download Cashwo, complete the easy Sign-Up instructions.

Verify your identity with a mobile number and e-mail address via OTP, and after filling out your details, enjoy a seamless way to transfer money.

To create an account with Cashwo, you need:

  • An e-mail address
  • A mobile phone number registered in Australia

To make transactions, you need:

  • Valid ID documents for verification (Australian Driver License or Passport, International Passport with a valid visa)

Valid ID documents for verification (it can be Australian Driver License or Passport or an International Passport with a valid visa).

Cashwo supports Android OS version 8 & above and iOS version 12 & above.

You can upload money

  • From any Australian Bank using your Cashwo PayID
  • Other Cashwo users can transfer money to your wallet

*To sign up and go through all the registration steps with Cashwo, you need to be in Australia.

The Username is used during the registration step. It is used to create your unique PayID. You cannot log in to the App without the Username.

You can complete registration for a Cashwo account only while you are in Australia. Although, after a successful setup, you can use the app outside of the country.

Your safety and money security are crtitcal for us.

To create a secure network for all Cashwo's consumers, we implement high levels of verification. We may ask you to provide an additional ID source to verify your identity.

Please, make sure all details you entered are correct.

Things to verify:

  • spell your full name as per registered Australia or International ID or try different combinations. If you have a single name, type it into Last Name field and leave first name blank
  • fill in your date of birth in the suggested order
  • verify your Passport's details (numbers and letters, series of visas and permits for international citizens)
  • IP address from a device you are signing up must be registered in Australia
  • try to provide another type of ID

*International citizens who have no valid documents issued in Australia, please contact us to apply additional IDs to complete your registration.

We can verify your identity with an overseas passport and valid Australian Visa. Please note, the verification won't work if you are outside of Australia.

*We may ask you to send additional documents for manual verification. Also, biometric verification can be required.

Please make sure you look in your junk folder. Also, check for any typos and incorrect spelling of your e-mail address and try again.

We provide 3 attempts to verify your mobile number for the app.

Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi and mobile provider's reception. Fill in your mobile number correctly and try again.

If you didn't get through the verification step using an Australian ID or International Passport with visa information, you cannot pay or receive money. You can access your profile, but won't be able to perform any transactions.

There could be multiple reasons for the App not working:

  • Poor internet coverage that slows or crashes the system
  • an older version of the App is used
  • Entering incorrect login credentials
  • Insufficient RAM (Random Access Memory or storage) on your phone
  • Too many applications are running

Simply send an e-mail to and provide the details that need to be updated. We may ask you to send additional documents to verify your identity before updating the details.

  • you can load the money to your wallet from Australian issued debit cards and credit cards
  • you can transfer cash to your wallet from Australian Bank accounts via PayID
  • your friends and relatives can also upload funds to your mobile wallet

Yes, you can.:

Your friends, family, or other users from the Cashwo network can transfer the funds to your wallet, so you can use it for shopping or to pay bills.

When we make the first transaction, we will ask your permission to sync your contacts with the Cashwo App.

This feature will be available soon. Stay Tuned!

If uploading funds through Credit card, please make sure:

  • Your card has not been blocked
  • The name on the card or linked bank account matches your name
  • Check that your card has online transactions enabled

If you are adding funds from banking app, please make sure:

  • You are entering the correct Cashwo PayID
  • You have enough funds in your account for the transfer
  • Your account is not blocked to do any transfer

It's an instant transfer. You will receive money to your wallet as soon as it is processed from your bank, credit card or the other Cashwo user's wallet.

Some banks can take longer to deposit money to your Cashwo account but if you are still experiencing delays, please contact us

We value your personal information and we take measures to prevent access from third parties.

Only Cashwo users can view your profile name, picture and username.

Yes, you can use Cashwo App in other countries:

  • You can pay bills
  • Upload money from your Australian Bank account
  • Transfer money to Cashwo users
  • Other users can upload cash to your wallet while you are overseas

Unfortunately, you cannot upload money to your digital wallet using a credit card.

Yes, you can create categories to track your spending and view the transaction history.

Using Phone number:

  1. select pay
  2. enter amount
  3. select contact
  4. type the reason
  5. click pay

Using PayID:

  1. select pay
  2. enter amount
  3. enter PayID
  4. type the reason
  5. click pay.

Using a QR code:

  1. scan the merchant code
  2. enter amount
  3. type the reason
  4. click pay.

We will notify the receiver by SMS, e-mail & App notification.

Also, you, as the sender, will receive a notification e-mail linked to your PayID.

  • check whether the Cashwo user’s ID is correct
  • make sure you have sufficient funds in your wallet
  • check if you have exceeded the daily transfer limit
  • check if the account is blocked

Virtual payments are only available to Cashwo's users.

  • make sure your Cashwo ID is correct
  • check whether money has been deducted from your bank account (in the case of loading money) or user's wallet (for wallet-to-wallet transfer)

*If you still haven't received the money, please contact Cashwo Customer Support e-mail to:

Please make sure you send money to a user you know or a merchant your trust.

*If you feel insecure and unsure about the profile's identity asking for money from you, please contact for further investigation and blockage of the user.

The receiver's account gets the money as soon as you press the button "send". That's why it's crucial for you always to check the details before you send money to anyone.

Unfortunately, Cashwo cannot reverse payments.

Please, contact our support team and inform them about the incorrect transaction. We will then send a request to the receiver to return the money. If you are lucky, the user may transfer the amount back to you.

No, once the transaction has been processed you cannot decline payment from the user.

You cannot cancel a transfer. Once the transaction is processed from your wallet, there is no way you can cancel the transaction.

  1. Go to “Withdraw Money” section
  2. Add a bank account
  3. Initiate the transfer

Yes, Caswo enables you to add only one bank account at a time. If you need to change your linked bank account, please delete the current one and add a new account.

From wallet to wallet:

Personal money transfer is $2,000 per day with a 30 day limit of $10,000.

Business transaction is $10,000 per day with a 30 day limit of $50,000

Upload funds to wallet:

From Bank Account/Pay ID: No limit


$500 a day or max $10,000 per month for personal needs

$5000 a day or max $50,000 per month for business profile

Daily spend limit for online and in-store purchases:

$1000 per day or $10,000 a month

Cashwo App doesn't apply monthly or annual fees. There are some costs associated with premium features and services.

Please see the charges described below.


  • Online purchases $0.00
  • Transfer from wallet to wallet $0.00
  • In-store purchase $0.00


  • Transfer from linked bank account $0.00
  • Adding funds to Wallet from credit card 3%*
  • Receive merchant refund $0.00

*You will get no fee Reward for your first $500 uploaded to your virtual wallet.


from your digital mobile wallet account (Consumer App)

  • Electronic withdrawal 1.75%

There is a fee to transfer money from your Cashwo digital mobile wallet to your bank account. The money is available in seconds. But if the bank is not an NPP (New Payments Platform) participant, it will be processed within 24 hours or the next business day in the case of the weekend.

  • Daily Settlement 1.75%

Next day settlement into Merchant bank accounts

We provide 100% free customer service

  • over the phone
  • using chat option
  • real-time alerts
  • transaction declines due to insufficient funds

It is easy to pay online bills via BPAY®.

From your profile page,

  1. select the BPAY® button to start payment
  2. enter the bill details
  3. proceed by simply pressing the "pay" button

To proceed with bill payments with BPAY®, you need to have a fully verified profile with a linked card and a unique PayID with sufficient funds.

Make sure you have all details from your bill before payment.

You can pay many types of bills using the biller code or CRN from your bill. Carefully put them in the dedicated lines or find the provider in our list.

We continually add billers to our network to give you a list of trusted and valid providers in Australia to simplify your virtual payments.

You cannot change the details once funds have left your wallet.

  • If you have sent an insufficient amount, just repeat your transaction with the remaining difference.
  • If your money went to the wrong account, please contact our Customer Support team at

Please, plan your BPAY® transactions allowing the transaction to process within 2 to 3 days. Money will be transferred to the biller within the mentioned period if sent before 5 pm Sydney time.

Paying your bills after business hours, on weekends, or public holidays will move your payment to the next 2-3 business days.

Cashwo has a list of billing providers with verified valid codes and CRN to ensure that you send money to the right biller.

In case, you didn't find your receiver in the automatic drop list, please carefully fill in your details.

Contact our Customer Support team if you sent money to the wrong biller.

The biller code can be found in your invoice or selected from Cashwo if your provider is already on our list.

Look for CRN (Customer Reference Number) near the BPAY® logo.

If you are facing some issues processing payment, please contact our Customer Support team at

If you think that BPAY transactions are incorrect or you're having any issues, please contact our Customer Support team at

You can find payment details such as the date paid and the bill in the Reports section of the profile account.

You can view the history of your payments in your profile, in the transaction statement.

*the details of the biller for BPAY payments can be in BETA mode after launching

You cannot log in to your Cashwo profile with a new number. Please contact

We will transfer your remaining funds to the bank account and your current Cashwo account will be closed.

Cashwo App doesn't support changing your e-mail ID. Please contact

If you change the number linked to your mobile wallet or need to transfer your funds to a new account, please contact us. We will close your current profile and send the available balance to a new one.

You can change and set the new passcode in the 'change passcode section' on the Cashwo App, by simply following the instructions.

You enter your Username during registration to generate your PayID. Please create it carefully, as it cannot be changed later.

You can only add one bank account to transfer funds. However, you have an option to delete the current one and add a new one when needed.

Cashwo App doesn't back up or store any of your contacts. When you need to make virtual payment or transfer money, we show you Cashwo's users from your device's contact list.

If you need to delete your account or cancel Cashwo's services, please contact us at

We will close the account instantly if it has zero balance. If there are remaining funds, it will be closed within 7 days after transferring the balance to your bank account.

If you delete the App from your device, your account will still remain active.

Purchase a new sim card with the same mobile number and log in from any device. For security reasons, we advise you to change your Cashwo account passcode.