Is Money Management a tough job? Not Anymore!

Is Money Management a tough job? Not Anymore!


Managing money is always a tough job. Nowadays, it is common to have multiple credit/debit cards and bank accounts resulting in a cumbersome process for sending and receiving money. The struggle is equally frustrating for both individuals and businesses.

One of the most efficient, safe and secure solution to these problems is the CASHWO APP. It is capable of carrying out all your money transfers online, eliminating the need to exchange cash. Also, the wallet can be easily linked with your bank account, credit/debit cards etc. and all of these can be managed centrally through the mobile wallet application.

It is a digital wallet that does all of it and also provides some unique additional features which can make the user’s life easy. It can be downloaded and used on a Smartphone or a computer, giving you all-time access to your money.

Below is the list of some attractive features and advantages that CASHWO offers:

1. BPay - Bill payments are always a pain and yet one needs to perform the same payments repetitively every month. Online banking has become the default payment option for most people, and using by CASHWO this task can be further simplified by completing all your bill payments from a single app. Additionally, recurring payments like mobile bills, utilities, cable etc. can all be set up for auto deduction, so you do not have to worry about missing the due date ever again.

2. Wallet Top-up - Credit card is an extremely famous payment option that people use worldwide. But when it comes to transactions online, it is always challenging to enter your credit card details every time. Cashwo wallet can be topped-up using your payID or credit card. You can then use the funds available in your wallet for transactions.

3. Transfer your everyday money into your bank account - CASHWO has an ingenious feature where the user can choose to transfer the money from the wallet directly to their bank account in an efficient and simple manner. You can simply receive all your payments through the wallet and the app will move it to your bank account automatically.

4. Savings/Reward - It is hard to save without a plan and a dedicated account to lock a portion of your income. With CASHWO, users can set up a sub-wallet for savings and help achieve their financial goals. Customers can also enjoy cashbacks, earn credits and take advantage of other offers via the app rewards program.

5. PayAny1 - Whether you wish to send money to a friend or another user, you can do it with your CASHWO wallet. This can be done with ease via the QR code or PayID or the user's registered Phone number.

  • The consumer can scan the QR code displayed by the merchant, with their Smartphone to pay for their goods, this is a popular contactless method of making payments.
  • Payments can be made easier by just entering the unique PayID provided by Cashwo.
  • To send money to someone who has registered on Cashwo, all you need to know is the mobile number they've registered with.

Cash is going to be obsolete soon, so set up your digital wallet with CASHWO and enjoy the secure and easy online transaction services that will make your life a breeze.

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Cashwo app is designed to make the payments trouble-free but also assures to make the transactions safer as it is developed with strong compliance for our users. The team assures constant support to the users to make the whole process much easier. So get ready to go cashless with cashwo wallet and monitor your transactions virtually!